18 DaysUEQ: What are the most effective ways to count, compare and order numbers?
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Concept: Counting 0 - 100

LEQ: How can I write, order and compare numbers to one hundred?


Introduce writing, ordering and comparing numbers with Calendar Math and Calendar Binders

Teachers' Resources

Setting up a calendar wall and binders, SmartBoard activities and calendar binders.
Lessons and worksheets
EL Civics Numbers 1 -100
Worksheet for tracing numbers 1 -100
Mrs. McDowell's Calendar Ideas
Scroll down to the middle of the page.
Mrs. McDowell
Cute chart with traceable numbers counting the number of days we've been in school. Good to use in calendar binders.
Math Wire
Ideas for Math Routines
Teen Numbers
Math Wire resource/ Place Value as well
Making Learning Fun Calendar Activities
Calendar pages for binders (traceable numbers). This site is worth exploring.
MLF - Counting to 100 Activities
I use these activities at the beginning of the year to build number sense and counting skills.
Missing Numbers Hundreds Chart

Crickweb Interactive 100 Chart
Chart has hiders, a variety of colors and step controls
Interactive Hundreds Chart
Scroll down a little and you'll find a wonderful interactive chart. Great to use on the SmartBoard to show number patterns etc.
Amble Side Primary Interactive 100 Chart
100 chart with the option of using a pencil on the chart
Alligator greater
Explanation of the the greater than sign using a song.
Number Eating Alligator and Chant
Super Teacher Worksheets
Greater than and less than worksheets.
TLS Books
Greater than, less than
Math Drills
Number sense worksheets (number lines, comparing, etc.)
Worksheet Universe
Worksheet Universe 2
Comparing numbers Ordering numbers
A Kids Math
lots of beginning Math activities - one to one correspondence, more or less. Great to use with first week's lessons.
less or greater than 30 coloring worksheet
TLS Books First Grade Home page for first grade worksheets

Online Resources for Students
Fishy Count - Primary Games
Practice counting to 100 - Toon University
Harcourt Memory game for matching numbers to number words
Primary Games match number to number word
Kid port Matching numbers to names Matching numbers 1 - 10 to names
Innivation Learning Greater than less than activity with alligator
Wmnet Ordering sets and numbers

LEQs: How can I show counting groups of numbers to 100? (Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s)

How can I solve problems using a number pattern?

MA.1.A.2.3 MA.1.A.6.2

Teachers' Resources
Family Education Skip Counting Game Skip counting chant and hand movements. Hands on skip counting activities
Hot Chalk- Skip Counting Cooperative skip counting activity

Online Resources for Students
ICT Games 2s Counting by 2s to 20
ABCYA Connect the Dots by 2s

Count by 5s

LEQ: How can I use positional cue words to correctly solve problems? (before, after, between)

MA.1.A.6.2 MA.1.A.2.3

Teachers' Resources
First School Years Counting Activities Various worksheets before, after and between
Hot Chalk Activity Small group hands on activity
IXL - Before Afer Between Number line activity to use on SmartBoard or students' computers
Suite ESL activity Although this is geared towards ESL students, it's a great lesson for all students at the beginning of the year
UEN Greater Than and Less Than Lesson Comprehensive lesson plans with lots of printables and online resources
If you haven't seen the UEN lessons as yet, it's worth taking the time to check out the site. UEN Lesson Plans Game "I'll Give You Some Chances Game" to build number sense and the concepts of greater and less than.

Concept: Place Value

LEQ: How can I show place value of two-digit numbers? (using pictures and manipulatives)

Teachers' Resources
Math Wire Place Value
School Express worksheets

Online Resources for Students
Learning Box Catch 10
Learning Box Base 10
Penguin Match
sadlier-oxford Expanded Form
ks1bitesize - Safari Units
ictgames - place value
ictgames - lifeguard Bead Numbers
Sheppard Software Shoot the Fruit

Top Marks Place Value

SmartBoard - place value search page for SmartBoard place value activities.

Links Learning Place Value Tutorial Video for higher grades

LEQ: How can I identify one and two-digit numbers with misinterpreted values?

LFS Lesson Plans for this Unit